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We’ve added Pyrotect helmets to our product line-up


Positioned right in the sweet spot where quality and affordability meet - with Snell SA2015 approval and HANS-ready - the ProSport helmet range represents maximum protection at the lowest possible price.

The Pyrotect ProSport open-face sells for R5 170 and is aimed at saloon racers who want the additional ventilation benefits of an open helmet. For single-seaters, sports racing cars and karts – or those who just prefer a closed helmet - there’s the ProSport Full Face which costs R6 585 and finally – for off-roaders who require filtered – there’s the ProSport Forced Air at R9 860.

They’re made from a fibreglass composite, which is vacuum bagged and autoclave-cured for maximum strength, durability and consistency of quality. They’re pre-fitted with HANS (Head And Neck Support) tether clips, come with a three millimetre polycarbonate visor, have a rubber eye port shield and six-piece removeable interior padding for easy cleaning or fitment of communication devices. ATS stocks accessories such as tear-offs, visors and peaks.

Talk to a member of our sales team about Pyrotect on 011 670 8400 or mail us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. More details here:


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